Why Choose Me?

Over 17 years in the military

What started out as a simple PCS turned into a passion. Finding homes, making them better, then admiring them for a few months or days before the inevitable next PCS.  However, once I PCSed to Fort Bragg and started my SOF Career, I was able to finally settle down, fix and flip houses between deployments and become a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina.  This passion for homes, making them better and making them great investment properties has transferred over to my life post Army.  I have helped countless families who are PCSing here with their decision to move to Moore County.  Countless future SOF operators choose out the best investment homes for them to purchase while attending the various Q courses here.   And lastly, countless home owners who needed help with fixing and flipping their home.  Feel free to call me at anytime, and you'll see that I have a true love for all things real estate.